OFFBLAK Brighten Up Tea (Forest Fruits & Ginger Flavour Fruit Tea)


Reviewed as “thoroughly enjoyable”, this tea is not only a Great Taste 2020 Award Winner, but the winner of its category with 2 stars! Great Taste critics recommend to try this tea over ice with a sparkling water or wine!

You walk out of the gym, sweaty but satisfied. You hop in the shower and feel the cool touch of water; revitalise your body and mind. Nothing that could happen today will affect your mood, you are feeling 100!

Top it off with an ice cold elixir of hibiscus flower, fruits & ginger to detox you body and make your refreshed mood last all day. The best part is, it’s super healthy- yas!

INGREDIENTS: Hibiscus, Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Blackberry Leaves, Blackcurrant Leaves, Flavourings, Strawberry Pieces (1%), Pink Pepper (1%), Safflower, No B.S.

FEELS LIKE: Hitting the jackpot



Why does it feel like post-workout happiness?
The winning combo of detoxing forest fruits with immunity champion ginger, will literally make you feel that endorphin-filled happiness of a post workout, with that natural glow to boot! Who needs highlighter?

How does it make me Glow?
Our Brighten Up tea is part of our GLOW range. Our GLOW range is created from ingredients with antioxidant properties such as hibiscus, berries, and more, which is help to get rid of the free radicals, also known as nasties, in your body.

What are the Benefits?
The base of these teas, green and hibiscus, have medium and no caffeine respectively, which is a great way to still feel rejuvenated and fresh with less caffeine and more detox ingredients!

OFFBLAK is 24-hour functionality tea made from the highest quality and sustainably sourced ingredients, that tastes good, looks good and is committed to doing good with our recyclable packaging! What’s more? We look better on Instagram than in the cupboard. OFFBLAK is rewriting the rules of tea for a new generation of you.

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